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“An Honest Online Magazine from London that aims to focus on insight into the lives of people in film, music and culture.”


An idea that started with three friends in the misdst of the joyous, exciting and colourful scene of Bestival 2014. A website where we could pool together our ideas and strengths as individuals.


Over a year later and we were at Bestival once again. However, this time… as press.


Wecome to realtalklondon.com.


This is our blog. Our space on the internet to share ideas,  reviews and opinions on music, film and culture. But without the 6 second click bait that saturates the internet already.


Not confined to London specifically, we want to share honest and interesting insight from everywhere under the umbrellas of music, film and culture.


Our keen interest in filmmaking has seen us backstage at various music festivals, capturing the energy and emotions of both the artists and the festival goers themselves. This opening of doors has only furthered our passions.


So in creating content for Real Talk London we aim to gain an objective perspective of a person and their passions and emotions and present it as creative inspiration……

Real Talk


Founding Fathers:

Warren Michael Berchie


Sim Lotay


Dean Kay-Barry



James Moore

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