Vince Staples

“We don’t make 90’s music bro, we make Vince Staples music” – Vince Staples Live at Cargo, London

“We don’t make 90’s music bro, we make Vince Staples music.” Damon Albarn is at the side of the stage watching on and he doesn’t seem too impressed. Calm yourself Damon, we’re pretty sure he’s talking specifically about hip-hop. I also spotted Kano at the bar, greeting him with a painfully caucasian fist bump before […]


Paint it again, Sam.

My university experience of technical film discussion was mostly tainted by the unfortunate presence of a pompous tutor and a couple of his handpicked teacher’s pets. Conversation would usually dart furiously between said tutor and students, or the occasional tumbleweed would roll by during moments of painfully awkward, docile and hungover silence. It was rarely […]


Flip the Script provides access to a seemingly never ending array of film and television scripts, the site rarely being outsmarted by even the most obscure of searches. Personally, I reveled in reading through the Breaking Bad pilot, a smile emerging across my face as I noted both the minute and major changes made to the screen […]