Oscar Isaac Gives His Most Insane Performance Yet

2015 was an insane year for Oscar Isaac. Going from strength to strength, the Guatemalan-American actor seems like he can do no wrong. His impressive filmography spans across genres, effortlessly penetrating both commercial blockbusters and impressive indies. A smooth air of cool surrounds him; something that very few can pull off.   I was first […]

entourage premiere

The Time I Went To The Entourage Premiere

    I have always been slightly intoxicated by the thought of fame.   I’m not entirely sure where this stems from. All I remember is that when I was very young, with every blowing-out of birthday candles, I would press my eyes together as hard as I could, grit my teeth and wish that […]


Life Inside Jabba the Hut

One of the more interesting documentaries i’ve seen recently about the team behind Star Wars’ iconic Alien Gangster, Jabba the Hut. A Monster Sag of Slug/Slob in charge of the galaxy’s hired guns and dodgiest criminals Jabba is famous for his arch nemesis relationship with Stars Wars’ bad boy and local cheeky chappie Han Solo, […]

BAFTA '15 Film -¡Digital Covers 1 -¡ The Theory of Everything Art[1]

Take a Look at the 2015 BAFTA Brochure Covers

Since 1947 a brochure has been published to accompany the annual awards ceremony in which the nominations for best film are interpreted by different artists, with each coming with their own stylistic approach. This year’s art deco inspired offering from french illustrator Malika Favre harks back to Hollywood’s golden era as the five nominees for best […]


Paint it again, Sam.

My university experience of technical film discussion was mostly tainted by the unfortunate presence of a pompous tutor and a couple of his handpicked teacher’s pets. Conversation would usually dart furiously between said tutor and students, or the occasional tumbleweed would roll by during moments of painfully awkward, docile and hungover silence. It was rarely […]