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Farewell Peep Show: 9 predictions of how it’ll all end for Mark & Jez

The day is upon us people. Tonight marks the beginning of the end for Mark and Jez, the El Dude brothers. “Errrr errrrr.” We thought we’d throw out some wildly ridiculous predictions for how the whole thing is going to end, in the faint hope that the writers will read this and call the cast back for some shocking re-shoots.


From best friends murdering each other to Super Hans finally making it in the music business, here’s some pointless thoughts we had for what could happen in this final season. Get your tissues at the ready, people.


1. Mark runs away with Johnson

Peep Show Johnson


Sophie tricked him into having a baby, that blonde woman wasn’t impressed with his citizens arrest skills and Dobby abandoned him for a cushty IT job in the big apple. Oh, and the military chick raped him.


Mark finally realises that he and women simply don’t mix, digging out that gay porno he bought when he was testing the Johnson infested waters.
What follows is some incredibly uncomfortable POV footage and Mark convincing Johnson to move to Venice with him for some gondolar action.
Peep Show Mark Johnson

2. Mark Kills Jez

Peep Show Fight


After Dobby returns from the US and is wooed by Jeremy (somehow), Mark loses his shit and beats his best mate to death with a hardback copy of Stalingrad in a nod to the show’s pilot.
“Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what happened at Stalingrad.”

3. Jez kills mark

Peep Show Jez
A more likely outcome than the former because Jez is actually moronic enough to do something so terrible, although Mark does sometimes see red… How it happens, we’re not so sure. Maybe Mark falls into Big Suze’s favour and Jez just can’t take it

4. Superhans comes good

Super hans peep show
Superhans finally makes it in the music industry, achieving momentary fame with a one off hit, before plummeting into uncharted levels of crack-induced debauchery and destruction. Down on his luck and armed only with the resourcefulness of a man who can roll a joint with his feet, he takes to the streets to carry out his days forever giving hand jobs for cash.

5. It was all a dream

It turns out that the whole series of events has been a crack induced hallucination taking place in superhans’ head.

6. They break the fourth wall (kind of)

In the final shot or scene of the series, (assuming they’re both alive) the POV style is abandoned and we get to see mark and Jez embrace each other farewell with a wide camera shot. For some reason they have to go their separate ways…give us a break.

7. Jez has a baby with Sara, Marks’ Sister

Mark peep show
Rekindling the old flame in an attempt to get back at Mark, Jeremy once again reunites with Sara and convinces himself that, this time, she is definitely ‘The One.’ Enacting the ultimate revenge on Mark Sara falls pregnant with Jeremy’s child and, in a shocking role reversal, Mark is sent spiraling into a self destructive and indulgent bender whilst Jeremy happily plays house with Sara. Mark and Jeremy become forever entwined, the child becoming a living embodiment and eternal reminder of their twisted and sordid, but hilarious relationship.

8. Mark Continues to be an absent father

Because having a baby is boring and if the writers could go back, they’d probably stop Sophie from stealing Mark’s withering sperm. Seriously, though, are we ever going to see Mark doing something remotely dad-like?

9. Barney becomes the face of an anti sexual abuse campaign

Barney peep show
After years of intense psychological therapy, Sophie’s brother Barney plucks up the courage to recount the horrific experience of sucking-off Superhans whilst in the darkest depths of K-hole and becomes the poster boy for an aggressive anti sexual abuse campaign. Superhans finally achieves the notoriety he craves, as his face is plastered all over the media.

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